Maritime Law

Kevin P. Sullivan has extensive experience in maritime law, including:

Jones Act injury claims

The Sullivan Law Firm has obtained some of the largest awards for its clients injured at sea, with injuries ranging from being crushed between barges, to overwork on processing ships, to head injuries from unsafe work environments, to assaults, to PTSD claims from vessel sinkings, to electrocution injuries.

wrongful death cases

We have represented many families of men who died working at sea, again achieving record awards and settlements.

Representative cases include:

  • Claim against Russian company, after crew member died from assault while ship in Sea of Okhotz.
  • Deckhand died after falling from stacked pots and drowning, after working excessive hours in Alaska winter weather. We obtained an order allowing the family to pursue punitive damages on this Jones Act claim, the only such order nationwide.   Nes v. Sea Warrior, 2010 AMC 2297 (2010).
  • Tug company employee died on Seattle waterfront, when a rail barge damages the dock, throwing him in the water.  $2.2 million settlement.

commercial suits

We have represented shoreside processors in claims in Alaska, including in the Exxon Valdez case, and in law suits against the State of Alaska, an Alaskan city, and the U.S. government.

We have represented clients in property damage claims arising from marine collisions and sinkings.

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