Commercial and General Litigation

Kevin P. Sullivan has gone to court and won a variety of complex cases, including:

  • Suit against a county government for excess utility rates, on behalf of affected area small businesses.
    • At trial, the court ruled that the rate setting was arbitrary and capricious and awarded significant damages.
  • Suit against an Alaskan business for failing to honor a promise to buy a processing company.
    • An Anchorage jury awarded $1.55 million, allowing the company to stay in business.
  • Suit against the State of Alaska for fraudulent conveyance of assets.
    • The Alaska Supreme Court ruled that the state could waive its sovereign immunity from suit, and the trial court recently entered large judgment against the state after trial.
  • Suit against the owners of a small Seattle company who conspired to hide assets to prevent collection of a judgment against one owner.
    • After litigation in both state court and bankruptcy court, our client collected their entire judgment - plus interest and attorneys fees - and a negotiated premium payment.
  • Claims for violation of the securities laws.
    • Kevin Sullivan has won in both trials and NASD/FINRA arbitration against stock brokerages. Kevin has also gone to trial against sellers of businesses and the professionals involved.
  • Medical malpractice.
    • The Sullivan Law Firm frequently litigates claims against doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes, and Kevin Sullivan has recovered large awards, including:
      • A doctor failing to advise the patient of adverse pathology results.
      • Improper prescription leading to birth defects.
      • Sudden withdrawal of medication leading to death.

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